Look no further to make your function a memorable success!
From the sweetest sounding vocal harmonies to the rich powerful melodies of guitar, Max7 have the sound to compliment any occasion.
Jeannie Ashurst and Greg Mackay have toured the globe until moving to Brisbane in 2001.Together with their band,  they were premier performers throughout the music scene in Asia, working from Hong Kong to Singapore,culminating in a regular T.V. spot on Singapore's Variety Tonight. From there they moved to England working "A" List venues with top artist management  Mike King Entertainments.Having been seen on the U.K.s Granada T.V.by the Foxgen Agency (Paris) their travels then took them to France,Germany, Holland and as far abroad as Saudi Arabia.
Jeannie an award winning vocalist and top shelf entertainer combines with Greg's talents,expertise and utmost professionalism to create the foundation of one of Brisbane's top live acts.
Max7's versatility has enabled them to work extensively throughout the entertainment industry from smaller venues to larger theatres.Combining a wealth of experience and professionalism Max7 will adapt to your requirements.From clubs to corporate events, Max7 always meets the needs of the client,venue and guests. Whether you utilize Max7 as a trio, or if you require a bigger lineup consisting of other instrumentalists such as saxaphone etc..this is both a dynamic and visually exciting show that will leave your audience totally entertained.
Jeannie Ashurst  (Vocals & Percussion)    Greg Mackay       (Drums &  & Vocals)
David Ashurst      (Lead Guitar & Vocals) Delivering a vast array of songs with top  quality Sound  & Lighting
David Ashurst adds a natural vibrancy to this top live trio.Coming from the North West of England David has worked extensively on the U.k. & European Music Scene where he is well known and respected for his skilful and energetic style of guitar playing and rich vocal sounds. With honesty & craftsman like skills David compliments the sound that is Max7
- Rock to Soul - Jazz to Blues - Past to Present -- Rock to Soul - Jazz to Blues - Past to Present -- Rock to Soul - Jazz to Blues - Past to Present -- Rock to Soul - Jazz to Blues - Past to Present
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